An Amazing Way To Stop Wanting


Why create?

We have the amazing ability to make things for ourselves, others, and share them with the world. It feels so amazing to do this. This is what gives the world flavor, advances our species and makes life worth living. I want to wake up and have something meaningful to work on. I’ve found that focusing on creating at least one new thing every day is brightening my life. I no longer feel trapped by consumption. My thinking is more clear and I am creating new opportunities, and learning new skills just by creating.

My cave art that I have been working on. Just because I can!


Why don’t we create?

I heard a quote this year that really made me think differently about creativity and art. It went something like “We create art, because we can!” Oh, how this has freed me from my own judgement and my fear of others judging my creations. I’m no longer creating for any other reason than I have the ability so I’m going to use it! It feels great to write this article without the worry that someone will dislike it. I’m writing it because I can!


What inspires you?

I am finding it much easier to create things around my passions. Wow that seems obvious, but it is so true. Don’t force creation, think about what inspires you and start thinking of ways to get more of that in your life. I’m so inspired by the videos of Cedar Wright the professional climber. I’ve found that a great habit to pair with creating something every day is to watch, read or listen to at least one thing that makes you feel inspired every day. Make a list so it’s easy to reach for the next time you are needing a boost of inspiration. My list includes, TED Talks, Go Pro videos, Outdoor documentaries, audiobooks, and podcasts.

The benefits of creating

  1. You get to practice new skills without judgement
  2. You get to share your creations to brighten others lives
  3. You can create solutions to your problems
  4. You bring yourself joy
  5. You clarify your thoughts, opinions
  6. You inspire others

This is the writing of someone who has struggled with the fear of creating. If you are like me, you may have put up a mental block, saying that you are not creative maybe because you were not good at drawing as a kid. It’s time to get rid of that block because creativity and art come in many more forms than drawing. The world needs your creativity. Share it.

My challenge to you is to try and create one thing this week, just because you can! Please share your creations with us below.

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