Creating the Space to Practice Acro

This weekend the Davis Acro-Vets performed for the first time at the UC Davis Veterinary Talent Show. It was a great experience and is one of the first formal performances I’ve ever done in my life. I am very proud of Morgan, Neda, Tyler, Krysti, and I. Without the optimism of the group we would not have been able to create such a phenomenal routine.

Acro yoga in Yosemite
Learning acro yoga in Yosemite, California

What enabled us to make a great acro routine?

We had fun practicing, so we did it as often as we could. We communicated our needs to each other and we adapted our practice. This helped us all feel confident in our preparation.

We had a space to practice on a consistent basis. Having a garage converted into a gymnastics studio has been one of the best additions to my daily life. When our friends come over they don’t want to leave.  We used ¾” thick mats that we ordered on amazon to pad the floor for under $200.

Investing in a home gym has given such a high happiness return. I recently made a kit of the items we use everyday in our home gym and for acro yoga that you can see here.

Without further ado, our performance!

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