Our Mission

To learn the habits, values, and skills necessary to live our dreams and find adventure in our lives.

“Death and/or old age is coming. We must live sweet. The time is now. Why ration passion? Dream big, and climb those dreams. After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life.” -Mike Libecki

Moab, Utah. Adventure Mecca!
Tyler’s first ascent up the Fischer Towers.


To challenge our assumptions about our time and money. Enabling us to do what brings us joy everyday.

We discuss personal finance, communication, mountain culture, and the outdoors. 

Backpacking in Hawaii is the best frugal adventure I've ever done.
Exploring Kauai’s Napali Coast!


We want to learn from anyone who is challenging assumptions and creating a life of their dreams.

Climbing at lovers leap is always a great adventure.
Feeling grateful to have the time to explore with my friends.

My Adventure

My name is Tony Lima and I currently work as a Seasonal Firefighter in California. It was only after working at a family business and a desk job for six years that I was able to make my escape and begin designing the life I wanted to have. I realized that I could do all the adventures I had the time for with a seasonal salary and I haven’t looked back since. Six months out of the year I am able to go on any adventure I choose. More and more of my friends are designing there lifestyles around using their money wisely to do the same. I want to share all the tips and values that I am learning on this site. “Why ration, passion?”

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